Eurosarc Investigators Breakfast Meeting
18/10/14 CTOS Berlin

EuroSarc Satellite Symposium on Synovial Sarcoma, 16/10/14, 10:30-12:30, CTOS, Berlin

Welcome to euroSARC (*) website

Built from the merging of two European networks of excellence dedicated to clinical research in bone (EuroBoNet) and Connective Tissue (ConTiCaNET) sarcomas, euroSARC gathers worldclass European expertise in the field of sarcomas.

The goal of euroSARC is to address major academic questions arising in some rare histological and molecular subtypes of soft tissue and bone sarcomas - in localized and metastatic settings - by developing and conducting investigator-driven clinical trials, supported
by translational analysis.

(*) euroSARC : EUROpean clinical trials in rare SARComas within an integrated translational trial network.
Project funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no. 278742